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Featuring the Massad
Impression Technique &
Massad Intra-oral Bite Tracer.
Predictability! No More 
Post-op Adjustments!
Removable Prosthetics is a Dying Art...
Deliver Something Better then the Rest!

Welcome to Geneva Dental Institute of Sacramento

The Swiss dentogenic formula as developed by Dr. John P. Fresh.

The Geneva Dental Institute of Sacramento is a continuing education facility for dentists, assistants, denturists and technicians seeking hands-on training with LIVE patients over the Geneva 2000® Denture concept. The Geneva 2000® Denture Concept was first introduced over 40 years ago by Dr. John P. Frush of the Swissedent Foundation.

The swiss dentogenic concept is designed to give the denture wearer a more natural and esthetically pleasing prosthesis with higher function and stability. Practitioners from across the globe come here to learn about esthetics and to deliver a predictable end product without the usual multiple post-op’s that are generally associated with removable cases. 

The Institute has 5 operatories and a lecture hall. We offer courses throughout the year and accept a maximum of 10 doctors per course. 16 C.E. credits are provided.


This Swiss-influenced denture approach has allowed dental professionals to provide premium quality dentures to clients throughout the US and Canada. The Geneva 2000® denture system is renowned for its superior comfort, stability, and aesthetics and is the hallmark of premium dentures in the United States.

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Complete Denture Course

Maximizing Geneva Esthetic principles while achieving optimal Posterior function using Non-Interceptive Occlusion

Removable Partial

Hands on RPD course that focuses on framework design and formulating an organized treatment plan

The implant course expands upon the different forms of occlusion including autocentric in terms of biomechanics necessary to properly balance implantplacement & design with the occlusal forces to prevent loss of implant & preventable bone resorption.

Advance Implant for Fully Edentulous
Advance Implant
TMJ & Full Mouth Rehab

Controversies in Occlusion and Temporo-Mandibular Dysfunctions:
Practical and Clinical Applications.

Premium Quality Aesthetics and a More Stable Lower Denture

   The superior aesthetic quality of Geneva 2000® Dentures is achieved through close attention paid to an individual patient‘s sex (gender), personality, and age (SPA factor). Other factors include the proper selection and natural placement of the anterior teeth, which takes into consideration the differences between masculine and feminine smiles. 

   The stability of the mandibular denture is due to the use of Linear Non-Interceptive Occlusion using AutoCentric posteriors. This system can combat the problems of mandibular denture stability while increasing the bite force for typical denture patients. This also has the benefit of providing solutions for problem cases such as those with a flat or negative ridge. The Geneva 2000® System provides the perfect marriage of Swiss quality materials and American technology.

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