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Welcome to Geneva Dental Institute of Sacramento

The Geneva Dental Institute of Sacramento is a continuing education facility for dentists, assistants, denturists and technicians seeking hands-on training with LIVE patients over the Geneva 2000® Denture concept. The Geneva 2000® Denture Concept was first introduced over 40 years ago by Dr. John P. Frush of the Swissedent Foundation. This Swiss-influenced denture approach has allowed dental professionals to provide premium quality dentures to clients throughout the US and Canada. The Geneva 2000® denture system is renowned for its superior comfort, stability, and aesthetics and is the hallmark of premium dentures in the United States.

Premium Quality Aesthetics and a More Stable Lower Denture

The superior aesthetic quality of Geneva 2000® Dentures is achieved through close attention paid to an individual patient‘s sex (gender), personality, and age (SPA factor). Other factors include the proper selection and natural placement of the anterior teeth, which takes into consideration the differences between masculine and feminine smiles. 

Denture patients should demand a better functioning denture that they can also look and feel natural wearing! Say goodbye to denture adhesive, paste, powders and sore spots! The Geneva 2000 denture is the ONLY prosthesis that is created individually just for you using the ONLY teeth that are individually sculpted for both men and women. A denture wearer is typically very easy to spot due to an improper fit and their overall smile, appearance and speech. Geneva 2000 denture wearers look and feel so natural that even they themselves forget they are wearing dentures. This is why doctors fly from all across the country to learn about this technique and why patients are searching for doctors that can deliver this product to them!

To Insure proper aesthetics and function of your Geneva 2000 Denture, your dentist must use a Geneva™ certified Laboratory for all lab procedures. Geneva 2000® is a registered trademark of Candulor USA, Los Angeles CA. Swissedent® is a registered trademark of Myerson, Chicago IL

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