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Complete Denture Course

2024 Schedule 

Date: TBD



Course Location: Geneva Dental Institute 5327 Dewey Dr., Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Instructors: Jack Z. Danilov G.M.D.T. & Tony Daher DDS

Course Description

The Geneva 2000® Denture Concept was first introduced over 40 years ago by Dr. John P. Frush of the Swissedent Foundation. This Swiss-influenced denture approach has allowed dental professionals to provide premium quality dentures to clients throughout the US and Canada. The Geneva 2000® denture system is renowned for its superior comfort, stability, and esthetics and is the hallmark of premium dentures in the United States.

Premium Quality Aesthetics and a More Stable Lower Denture, The superior aesthetic quality of Geneva 2000® Dentures is achieved through close attention paid to an individual patient‘s sex (gender), personality, and age (SPA factor). Other factors include the proper selection and natural placement
of the anterior teeth, which takes into consideration the differences between masculine and feminine smiles.

The stability of the Mandibular denture is due to the use of Linear Non-Interceptive Occlusion using AutoCentric posteriors. This system can combat the problems of Mandibular denture stability while increasing the bite force for typical denture patients. This also has the benefit of providing solutions for problem cases such as those with a flat or negative ridge. The Geneva 2000® System provides the perfect marriage of Swiss quality materials and American technology.

Course Goals

Maximizing Geneva Esthetic principles while achieving optimal Posterior function using Non-Interceptive Occlusion


Five live patients will be utilized (two Doctors per patient) for taking impressions, determining Physiological Centric-Vertical Bite Recording and setting of anterior teeth. Proper presentation of Try-In, Delivery of Dentures

And Post Delivery Refinement will also be taught.


  • Dual-Phase AccuDent Impression System

  • Myostatic Outline

  • Alameter and Papillameter Measurements

  • Physiological Centric-Vertical Bite Recording

  • Evaluation of Esthetic Control Base/ Set-Up of 1x6 Anteriors

  • Non-Interceptive Occlusion with Auto-Centric Posterior Teeth

  • Evaluation of Geneva Try-In, 1x28 Teeth Set-up (esthetics, vertical and centric occlusion).

  • Delivery of Upper and Lower Dentures

  • Post-Op/ Refinement of Occlusion

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