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Geneva Dental Institute Course Gallery

The Swiss Dentogenic formula as developed by Dr. John P. Frush

A maximum of 10 doctors per course will be provided with 5 LIVE and un-coached patients to work hands-on with throughout the 2 day Introductory course. We offer several Introductory courses, one advanced course and one technician course per year. You will pick which patient you would like to work on (all extremely challenging cases, as they are referrals) during the course and cover each operatory procedure for the Geneva 2000 Denture concept. This course is extremely tough, we put you to work hard and it will challenge the way think about the whole picture each time you see a removable patient! We all know that removable prosthetics is a dying art. This technique will change the way you feel about denture cases and will rekindle your passion for removable prosthetics giving you the confidence and predictability to conquer even the most challenging cases out there! There is a huge demand and market for removable prosthetics and nobody really wants to do them. Become a Geneva trained professional today and start the change needed in your area!

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