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Geneva Dental Institute Smile Gallery

You're never fully dressed without a beautiful smile

Congratulations! You have found the answer!! While looking at these before and after pictures of patients we have treated throughout the years, pay attention to the natural curve of smile they have afterwards as opposed to the flat and generic “denture” look they had before. Look at their cheek muscles and wrinkles before and their overall negative or “sleepy” smiles. This concept uses technology that is specific for each and every patient, not all dentures are created equally, thus your prosthesis should be individually created just for you! We have all seen denture patients that smile and show too much gum or don’t show enough teeth when they speak or smile, just look below. You could be one of them! And that is that we have not even addressed their fit or bite! We have helped so many denture wearers restore their confidence and improve their overall health and we want to do the same for you. You do not need denture adhesive or paste! You do not need to be scared about eating certain foods! You do not need to feel insecure about your smile! The Geneva 2000 Denture concept can restore your confidence and give you a high functioning denture that you can feel confident wearing and eating with!

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